Hello world!

Hello world!

Baby steps…..one year and one day is what it took to bravely step out into the blogosphere.  Thanks for stopping by – I am looking forward to putting you in charge, thus making me accountable, for a weekly blog post.  I have yet to pick out the appropriate apron for this task.  So stay tuned, I’ll see you next week then you can help me tie one on….  Cheers

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  1. Mary Locke on said:

    Thank you for the Pizza dough and sauce recipes! I like the way you explained the recipes making it easy to follow! I am anxious to give it a try and will let you know how it turns out! Food lover ! Mary

  2. So are you going to update the same day every week? I’m anxious for your next blog!!

  3. Mary Locke on said:

    Hello my littlest angel. This web site is tremendous, I am so proud of you and happy you are doing what you love – being creative you! Everyone who has the opportunity to read your blog will be so excited at what they find. If anyone needs to be inspired to reach for their stars when they read what you are doing they will jump up and down with joy to know they can do it too! Bless you in all that you do and bless all who read your blogs. Much love, MomXO Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!!!!

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